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s for what to eat with a sore throat, for most of Chinese the answer will probably be malva nut, which is a commonly used Chinese herb also known as Pang Da Hai in mandarin-speaking world. Thanks to its awesome healing and preventive properties, many people consider it as an ideal tea for sore throat since they are accustomed to boiling and drinking it once they feel there’s something wrong with their throats. Besides, it works to bleeding gums, voice loss, cough, and other ailments too. But the uses of it vary by time, person, situation, and place. For instance, some of them use it simply because of throat discomfort that is caused by dry environment especially in winter; professionals, including teachers, singers, and announcer, love it as they have to use the voice too much; some smokers drink it for the reason of suffering from chronic pharyngitis. 

How to use : Wash the Malva nuts and soak it in water for 15 – 30 minutes. 2) Remove the skin if you are to consume it for the purpose of relieving cough, sore throats, throat infections, et cetera. Otherwise, you can consume it along with the skin. If you do not like the taste of the skin, you may remove it too.

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